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I know what it feels like to be stuck. Unfortunately, the current music educational Status Quo will either give you band aids, or cause even more pain and confusion. A better version of the same old thing won't cut it - you need DIFFERENT! Let me show you how to connect the dots, and transform how you think on the guitar.


Build Confidence, Freedom and Creativity on the Guitar. Click below to order Guitar 360 Method.


"If you're looking for an instructor who has the ability to make complex things simple, you're coming to the right place."

Guitar 360 Method Student

World-Class Teaching

Your instructor, Krisz, draws from an extensive performance and teaching background, spanning 3 decades and 2 continents. He has trained weekend warriors and U.S. national competition winners alike. Are you next in line to see your playing transformed?

Tremendous Value

For less than the price of 3 lessons at a national-chain music store, you’ll get 13 weeks of immersive guitar training, that’s yours to keep for life. You’ll be learning hands-on, no-nonsense knowledge for real results now, that will last you a lifetime. 

Proven Results

You'll become the pillar of any band as a dynamic rhythm player and expressive soloist. Create with freedom and confidence! Easily learn how to play in any key, anywhere on the neck. Soon they'll be saying: "The band just doesn't sound the same without you...".

"Guitar 360 Method has completely transformed my understanding of music theory. It is now easy to connect scales, chords and keys in a way that makes practical sense. I also developed the skills to really hear what's happening in the music. Not only have I grown a lot in technique and theory, but I feel like I now have a foundation, which enables me to figure things out on my own much more effectively."

Guitar 360 Method Student

I'm ready to jump into Semester 1!

So, you've seen enough? Let's do this! If you're ready to master the guitar and unleash your creativity; if you want musical freedom and confidence, then you've found your perfect solution! (Includes Beginner's Intro Course, Semester 1, Bonus Song Lessons 1&2)


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"As an experienced player and guitar teacher myself, finding an instructor who could fill my needs was difficult. I tried the typical places: music stores, YouTube, other online courses, but none of them were a good fit. I've met many great players, but being a great player does not equal being a great teacher. Then I met Krisz of Guitar 360 Method... Immediately, my playing was analyzed, a plan was created, and implemented. It's been transformational! I've seen a lot of "holes filled" in my playing and I've gained more stage confidence."

Student / Guitar Teacher / Worship Leader

"As an accomplished pianist who wanted to venture into guitar, I originally had concerns about the level of frustration I would feel learning a new instrument. Not only has the experience been fun and exciting, but my pace of learning has exceeded my expectations. Whether a beginner or an advanced musician, I would highly recommend Guitar 360 Method because I can personally attest to the quality of instruction and the commitment to help you achieve your goals."

Student / Recording Artist

"Guitar lessons with Krisz were a key component to my development as a musician! His approach to training in music theory and guitar technique is laid-back while methodological, and topical while comprehensive. Each week is a new challenge, where you are motivated with new concepts that help you grow in knowledge and skill sets."

Student / Guitar Teacher / Recording Artist

"My experience with Krisz has been beyond fantastic! Music is more than a hobby for me, and he has helped me to step into the next phase of my career through top quality guitar lessons, song coaching, and studio production training. Krisz is a wealth of musical knowledge and he has been a gold mine for me. I would recommend Guitar 360 Method to anyone who wants to grow musically, but especially to those who feel called to take music beyond a hobby and into a career."

Student / Founder of The Songwriting Studio

"Krisz took me to drastically higher levels in musicianship, technique, and theory while keeping the thrill of learning in our lessons. His attention to detail and structure is so well-balanced with his passion to see his students discover their own dreams and vision in music. Through my travels and performances, I constantly find myself recalling the principles and tricks I learned in my lessons with Krisz."

Student / Touring Performer

"Krisz is not only a master guitar player, he's also a master guitar teacher. He has a deep understanding of music theory, along with a knack for finding common flaws in guitar technique, and correcting them in a no-nonsense manner. This makes him the perfect teacher for any skill level. I highly recommend the Guitar 360 Method!"

Student / Recording Artist

"Krisz has been an amazing guitar teacher for my grandson, but more than that he is such a great role model, friend, and mentor. He definitely teaches more than guitar. His lessons on life, morals and character have made a great difference in Jordan. I could not recommend him more highly."

Grandmother of Student

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